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Incredible evening as Nigeria Gymnastics Federation headed by Prince Kelvin Erhunwmunse and assisted by Mohammed Abba Inuwa has concluded her 3 days National trials ahead of All Africa Games slated for August in Morocco.

However, the program which is scheduled from 26th-28th at the gymnasium of the package A of the Abuja National Stadium has really witnessed so many spectators daily.

Meanwhile, the foreign based athletes where all present alongside the home based that exhibited their fantastic skills and commitment to the popular game.

More also, the 70 participants who came from different states in order to prove their worth. Among them are (US) based Uche Eke that displayed total bravery.

Speaking to Journalists, "I came home to motivate others and expose them to modern Gymnastics".

"In 2017, i once represent Nigeria in South Africa where i won gold medal but I'm going for medals in All Africa Games where I will be competing in so many events"

The University of Michigan finest gymnast said, "It my dream to represent Nigeria and i believe them because they have so many talents" he added.

Aside from Uche Eke, there are so many champions like Helen Ocheke, Precious Okosun, Mohammed, Melvine that are ready to fly the 'Green White Green' flag outside the country.

More also, female gymnastics star, Helen told news men, "The equipments are poor but we're appealing to the Sports Ministry in order to come to our aid"

The player's Representative confidently said, "As champions, we shall bring positive results from Morocco but we need to work collectively as a team" Ocheke finalized.

Nevertheless, the grassroots promoter and championship Coach Anthony Asuquo has work tirelessly to improve the game at all level.

Interestingly, dignitaries like Chief Daniel Eke (Uche Eke father), Ministry of Youths and Sports Development staffs and Mr. Angus Ibizen (Assistant Corps Marshal) all add glamour to the eventful closing ceremony. 

NGF leader, (Prince Kelvin Erhunwmunse) disclosed, "I'm so pleased with the performance of the participants because we're here to build talents and relate with them".

Adding, " We hope to camp them outside Nigeria for them to get acquitted with the facilities abroad and bring home substantial results" Erhunwmunse concluded.

In summary, the Fct-Abuja Calisthenics (20) man group, music performance, comedy and dance competition added spice to the remarkable event.
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Competitive outing at day one yesterday as Nigeria Gymnastics Federation kick off her 3 days event at the indoor Sports hall of the package B, National Stadium, Abuja.

Priory to this tournament that is billed for 26th-28th May, the Federation held a board meeting aftermath her constitution review and enactment in April, 2019.

According to (Mrs. Amina Amanchi) the Secretary-general, "We're organizing this National trials in order to select athletes that can represent us at 2019 All Africa Games in Morocco".

She disclose, "Although it's our first National event for this year aftermath the 2018 National Sports Festival games where many participants got opportunity to showcase their talents"

Adding, "we look forward to pick 6 apparatus in the male category while the female will have 5 as well".

Amanchi expressed their readiness to improve the Sport from grassroots level as well as expecting further assistance from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development headed by Barrister Solomon Selcap Dalung.

"Our president has approved Nigeria participation at the forthcoming World Gymnastics championship".

"Last year calendar was busy but now we hope to including Training of umpire and judges, inter club championship and more grassroots programs" Amanchi concluded.

Meanwhile, the Federation has put everything in order for a hitch free tournament as the various athletes are in high spirit to fully defend their title.

However, there will be Calisthenics, Acrobatic, Circle display, dance competition, lunch break, music and medal presentation.

In conclusion, the events begins 8am till 1:30pm followed by lunch break before the final competition commencement by 5:30pm. Don't miss it!!!
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Fascinating outing today as over two hundred lads across the country where opportune during the 8th edition of TIG Gymnastics championship held in the package 'B' National Stadium, Abuja.

This year event of TIG Gymnastics which involved kids from different Schools as well as clubs but it was organized by famous coach Anthony Asuquo while Mrs. Tayo Oraweme (Elite Director) who graced the enent added more spice to the cake.

Interestingly, the massive crowd who came to watch really triggered the future champions in displaying their amazing talent. Despite the absence of the president of Nigeria Gymnastics Federation: Prince Kelvin Erhunwmuse, other guests, friends, parents and VIPs came to encourage and cheer them as a result several medals was dished out to athletes including awards.

The motto: creativity ignores bad thinking. Also, the event is vision at creating opportunities for young lad in future tournaments; also, the 1 day event was exciting as the organizers distributed Certificates, Souvenirs and Lunch thereby leaving the kids with smiles on their faces.

Mrs. Tayo Oraweme, during her speech, she said "keep the sportsmanship mentality, appreciating their parents and guidance for their immense support. She continued, "Its a huge privilege given to you in order to showcase your skills, talents while the adults should be your role model in Gymnastics. "Enjoy yourself she finalized.

Kudos to our renown Coach and Gymnastics enthusiast Anthony Asuquo who has selflessly promote the game, foster many dreams as well as adding value to the life's of youths through his zealous, passionate and endless quest to teach others.

Conclusively, among participating Chrisland clinch 1st position as Schools Aduvie emerged 2nd position while Doveland finished 3rd position. And they all presented their best athletes with aim of winning but Body Language Gymnastics club won 3 gold, 1gold as Avani Goel claimed Best All round of level four.