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Promise Baseball Academy held 5th edition in Uyo as NBSA president speak on Baseball in Nigeria

The universal Sports called baseball has began to gain ground in Nigeria as several Camps and events has been conducted in order to promote the uniqueness and braveness of athletes across Africa continent.

As the saying goes, "Giant of Africa' which is Nigeria, the heartbeat of Africa continent as well as South Africa have both stood in the hem of Sports development.

Baseball which has spread across America, Europe, Asia, South-America and Australia will soon dominate other Sports in Nigeria and Africa as a hole, being the fact that so many Youths has shown interest in the game.

Promise Baseball Academy is an initiative of Coach Anthony Nkanga and it was derived from Promise Ventures.

According to the Akwa Ibom state born, "It all started since 2005 after studying the game and followed some notably Baseball player's, Officials, Coaches abroad, i decided to build the Academy"

"Although it is a developing Sports but our Youths are ready to be engage and showcase their talents, skills, bravery through baseball in Nigeria"

He continued, "Our Ministry of Sports have to add it to their National Sports calendar in order to encourage the game and create opportunities for the athletes"

"It's an annual program that pave way for newly interested athletes, coaches and officials to learn more about the game; despite the paucity of fund, we still had the 5th edition in Uyo" Nkanga added.

Coach Tony, appeal to parents in order to allow their children partake in the game because it's lucrative and interesting.

"I started Coaching (20) twenty years ago, it get more fascinating day by day; play baseball and thank me later" He concluded.

Amazingly, over hundred athletes turn up from 11 local government during this year edition in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

Apart from visiting the less privilege, they have held Camps in Lagos, Ilorin, Uyo, Port-harcourt and Fct Abuja twice this year in readiness ahead other international matches and offer from foreign clubs.

More over, www. titansportsnig.com while speaking to some participants, "I like baseball, because it's a physical game which has increased my fitness and Africans can play it well"

"Coach Tony is impacting discipline into us as baseball player's that what i am enjoying as a youth in Uyo"

"If i continue baseball, my chances of representing Nigeria abroad will increase, due to the fact that i have learnt so much"

"I want to play against my female counterpart once i get to Europe, it's a fantastic game, no doubt"

"Any Sport from baseball will be nice but i am glad i got momentum playing this game already. Thanks to our legend Coach Anthony Nkanga"

In spite of the lack of supports, he still continue his legacy and passion for the game. Also, he continue the campaign for government support.

The current winner of Under 15 Baseball Tomorrow Academy Championship, Abuja, 2018 is from Mkpa-Emin local government in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

Mr. Victor Fingesi told us in an exclusive interview, "Baseball is played across Nigeria with over 3,000 athletes already acquainted to the game but we need to encourage them"

It's not like Football that can be play anywhere, because creating pitches is expensive, although, the Federal government and Ministry of Sports major challenge is funds but co-operate entities, individuals has to assist the developing Sports in the country.

He continued, "Baseball need a lot of equipment's and facilities to operate properly; stating the kids love to run, catch and throw so therefore let help them"

Adding, "The Japan embassy has agreed to donate equipment's by 2019 as well as our fellow African brothers. South-Africa has shown much interest in this game thereby willing to assist" Fingesi added.

"Since i became President (4) years ago, lack of equipment's and facilities has really hampered our progress.

He said, i'm looking forward to (NBSA) Nigeria Baseball and Softball Association election next year, were there will be improvement and all challenges will be submerged"

"Our personal resources has been spent promoting baseball in Nigeria even through our close friends support but the government has no choice rather than to assist us" he finalized.